Avril Lavigne Non Stop Music


Avril Lavigne Non Stop Music
1. 4 real

2. alone

3. not enough

4. alice

5. black star

6. freak out

7. goodbye lullaby

8. he wasnt

9. how does it feel

10. im with you

11. losing grip

12. mobile

13. my happy ending

14. my world

15. nobody's home

16. push

17. remember

18. runaway

19. smile

20. stop standing there

21. the best damn thing

22. things ill never say

23. together

24. tomorrow

25. under my skin

26. unsolved mysteries

27. what the hell

28. wish you were here

29. girlfriend

30. i can do better

31. i dont have to try

32. keep holding on

33. skater boy

34. take me away

35. unwanted

36. when you're gone

37. who knows

38. anything but ordinary

39. fall to pieces

40. nobody's fool

41. slipped away

42. complicated

43. contiguous

44. darlin

45. e

Avril Lavigne - Hush Hush (Official Video)


Avril Lavigne - Hush Hush (Official Video)
Hush Hush - Avril Lavigne - 2014 Video Fan!

·Este Video No Es Oficial Y El Logo Vevo No Es El Real, Es Solo Publicidad!

Avril Lavigne 2vLive Highline Ballroom Full Concert 2013


Avril Lavigne 2vLive Highline Ballroom Full Concert 2013
Avril Lavigne live on 2vLive in December 2013 to promote her fifth studio album 'Avril Lavigne'. There is a slight glitch during the 'Heres To Never Growing Up' and 'Black Star' performances but carries on after. Buy Avril's latest album, 'Avril Lavigne' @

https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/avril-lavigne/id712602312 SETLIST...

7:53 Here's To Never Growing Up

13:00 Let Me Go

16:58 Complicated

21:47 I'm With You

28:09 Seventeen

31:45 Ask Avril

34:09 What The Hell

38:34 Rock N Roll

42:14 Black Star

47:35 My Happy Ending

55:04 Girlfriend

1:01:40 Sk8er Boi

Avril Lavigne - Darlin' - Music Video 2013


Avril Lavigne - Darlin' - Music Video 2013
I am so happy for finally uploading a new video on my channel!

I've been listening "Darlin" a lot lately, and its such an incredible song. Enjoy watching it :D And remember that I love you! xx

Video Editing: Eva van Overbeek (AvrilLoveHyve)

Picture & Sound editing: Eva van Overbeek (AvrilLoveHyve)

No copyrights, all credits go to the rightful owners :)


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Avril Lavigne - Mi vida (3 Parte)


Avril Lavigne - Mi vida (3 Parte)
Mi vida realizada en el 2003 en los mejores conciertos de giras en my world, de esta gran artista rockera punk... siempre te recordare como la sky rockera q cambiastes de estilos y no regresara mas al mundo del rock

Avril Lavigne - Alice (Extended Version) (Lyrics)


Avril Lavigne - Alice (Extended Version) (Lyrics)
This is the song 'Alice' (Extended Version) by Avril Lavigne. It's on her album 'Goodbye Lullaby'.

I don't own anything. Sorry if some of the lyrics are wrong.

Hope you enjoy it :)

Avril Lavigne - Losing Grip [Lyrics/Letra]


Avril Lavigne - Losing Grip [Lyrics/Letra]
"Losing Grip" é o quarto e último single de Avril Lavigne de seu álbum de estréia Let Go (exceto na Austrália e Nova Zelândia , onde "Mobile" foi lançado). Foi lançado no final de primavera de 2003 depois do sucesso de " I'm With You ". A canção foi escrita e produzida por Avril Lavigne e C. Magness. A música é muito mais pesado com grunge sons orientados, do que a maioria das músicas de Let Go. Ela cantou "Losing Grip" no Juno Awards de 2003 . O single foi certificado Ouro pela RIAA em 22 de setembro de 2003 Foi escrito por Lavigne e Clif Magness. O single recebeu certificação de Disco de Ouro nos Estados Unidos, devido a mais de 500 mil em vendas, segundo a RIAA.

"Losing Grip" is the fourth and final single from Avril Lavigne from her debut album Let Go (except Australia and New Zealand where "Mobile" was released). It was released in late spring of 2003 after the success of "I'm With You". The song was written and produced by Avril Lavigne and C. Magness.

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